The poor old lady began to cry when the waiter brought her bill.

An elderly lady visited a restaurant where the OP worked, seeking a quiet place to meet her son. Due to a lack of available seats, she waited for nearly an hour, but her son never arrived. She became visibly upset when she received the bill and began to cry.

Concerned, the OP overheard another waiter discussing the situation with the boss. It was revealed that the son was supposed to pay but never showed up or canceled. Understanding the circumstances, the boss decided not to charge the woman for her meal.

Later, the lady left a worried voicemail for her son. Despite the unfortunate incident, she apologized and promised to settle the bill the next day.

When the OP shared the story on social media, some speculated that the lady might have tried to get free food, while others defended her. Discussions emerged about similar experiences involving older individuals and dementia.

In an update, the OP revealed that the woman returned to pay her bill, explaining that early signs of dementia had caused her to forget about the lunch date. The story emphasized the empathy and understanding shown by the restaurant staff in dealing with a challenging situation involving an elderly customer.

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