Mom Is In Big Trouble With Her Family After Giving Her Daughter An “Unusual” Name

A Canadian mother aimed to bestow a distinctive name upon her daughter, seizing the opportunity to do so after having named her son, Tevye, with a moniker that wasn’t exceptionally unique. The mother, Tenille Bain, a 33-year-old beautician from Ontario, Canada, faced criticism from both her family and online communities for christening her baby girl “Chree,” pronounced like the word “tree.”

Tenille, along with her 29-year-old partner Michael, decided on the name, inspired by Michael’s playful suggestion. Despite the uniqueness, the couple encountered strong opposition from family members who cautioned against the name, contending that “Chree” sounded like a code name associated with cannabis drugs. Tenille’s family discouraged her from choosing this name, emphasizing potential challenges in the child’s future, such as difficulties in securing employment or facing bullying in school.

Undeterred, Tenille named her daughter Chree Mary Jane, with the middle name serving as an homage to her 79-year-old grandmother. Despite the name’s phonetic resemblance to “tree” Mary Jane, Tenille vehemently asserts that her daughter’s name was not chosen in reference to the recreational drug marijuana.

The couple’s decision to reveal the unique name to close friends and family resulted in a heated discussion, with some members expressing strong disapproval. However, as Chree grew older, the family gradually accepted and embraced her distinctive name. Chree, now four years old, is not the only child in the family with an unconventional name; her older brother, Tevye, is named after the lead character in the musical “Fiddler on the Roof,” a story that held special significance for Tenille growing up.

Despite familial acceptance, Tenille faces criticism on social media, particularly on her TikTok account, where she shares glimpses of her family life. Comments range from disbelief to outright rejection, with some expressing concern about the potential challenges Chree might face due to her unique name. Tenille responds to critics by defending her children’s names and urging mindfulness when discussing and judging children.

In the face of online negativity, Tenille leaves a message for the TikTok haters, emphasizing the beauty of her children’s names and calling for a more considerate approach when discussing matters related to children. Despite initial resistance, the family has learned to celebrate and cherish the uniqueness of Chree’s name, echoing Tenille’s sentiment that individuality should be respected and appreciated.

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