Jimmy Kimmel Hints at Permanent TV Departure Following Candid Revelation

Jimmy Kimmel, the cherished host of the Emmy Award-winning ABC late-night talk show “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”, has recently hinted at the possibility of his tenure in the limelight drawing to a close. With the show embarking on its 19th season, Kimmel consistently welcomes some of the entertainment industry’s biggest names to his stage. However, in a candid interview, the comedian disclosed that he may be ready to take a step back.

In a conversation with the Los Angeles Times, Kimmel shared, “I think this is my final contract.” Despite the jovial tone often associated with such remarks, Kimmel conveyed a sincere sentiment, admitting, “I hate to even say it, because everyone’s laughing at me now – each time I think that, and then it turns out to be not the case.” With a little over two years remaining on his current contract, Kimmel reflected that it feels like a substantial amount of time.

This contemplation of retirement isn’t entirely new for Kimmel. He revealed that last summer, he seriously entertained the idea of retiring until the Writers Guild of America strike occurred, prompting him to reassess. “It’s hard to yearn for it when you’re doing it,” Kimmel remarked, highlighting the demanding nature of his job. Recounting a particularly draining evening spent revising scripts for the Oscars, Kimmel confessed, “Wednesday night, I was very tired and I had all these scripts to go through – I had to revise and rewrite all these pitch ideas for the Oscars – and I was literally nodding off onto my computer.”

Despite occasional fatigue, Kimmel remains unsure about his post-late-night hosting future. “It might not be anything that anyone other than me is aware of,” he pondered. “I have a lot of hobbies — I love to cook, I love to draw, I imagine myself learning to do sculptures.” Kimmel also acknowledged his penchant for contemplating unexplored interests, predicting that even in his final moments, he’ll likely lament the things he never had the chance to pursue.

These retirement reflections come after ABC’s decision to renew “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” for an additional three years in September 2022, indicating the network’s enduring confidence in Kimmel’s ability to captivate audiences night after night. As speculation swirls regarding Kimmel’s potential departure, fans and industry insiders eagerly await any official announcements regarding the future of late-night television.

In the realm of entertainment, where change is constant and new talent continually emerges, Kimmel’s potential exit from late-night television signifies the end of an era for many viewers who have become accustomed to his wit, humor, and distinctive interviewing style. However, as one chapter draws to a close, another inevitably begins, and whatever Kimmel decides to pursue next, one thing is certain: his enduring influence on the late-night landscape will be felt for years to come.

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