Mother Blasted Online After Sharing Photo Of Her Newborn’s Hands

An image circulating on social media featuring a newborn with notably long and pointed nails has stirred up concerns online, prompting discussions regarding the potential risks associated with such nail enhancements.


Originally shared on Facebook, the photo quickly garnered attention as users expressed apprehension over the sharp nails adorning the infant’s delicate fingers. The image, now widely circulated on Twitter, depicts a woman’s thumb holding the baby’s hand, showcasing meticulously applied fake nails.

Captioned with a boastful message offering nail services for babies at affordable rates, the post drew criticism from individuals highlighting the potential dangers posed by these adorned nails. Many were quick to voice their disapproval, emphasizing that babies’ nails are naturally sharp and equipping them with such claws could pose risks

The photos showcased various styles of false nails on the baby, ranging from pointed, talon-like nails to more rounded shapes. The controversial advertisement did not go unnoticed on Reddit, where outraged parents condemned the trend, expressing concerns for the safety of infants.

Commenters emphasized the importance of keeping babies’ nails short to prevent accidental scratching, particularly for newborns whose nails may be longer and sharper, especially those born after their due dates. Some even suggested that the nails in the photo could have been digitally altered, while others recalled a similar incident from the past.

Amidst these discussions, it’s crucial to prioritize the safety and well-being of infants, ensuring measures are taken to safeguard them from potential harm. While online trends may generate debates, the health and happiness of babies should always remain paramount, guiding decisions that impact their early stages of life.

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