Owner Takes Down ‘Offensive’ Flag Inside Restaurant Amid Controversy

Susan DeRose, the proprietor of OK Café in Buckhead, made a significant decision to take down a banner and flag that had been displayed at her restaurant for years.

As the Georgia flag was removed on Friday, witnesses present at the scene expressed their approval with applause. Despite being deemed “offensive” by some over the years, the banner and flag had remained fixtures in the restaurant for more than three decades.

When questioned about her decision to finally remove the flag, DeRose explained her rationale, stating, “I thought, ‘Well, I’m just going to take it down. We’re going to auction it off because I understand it offends people.’ So I’m going to take it down and we’re going to give the money to the police force.”

Photo Credit: WSB-TV Atlanta

Photo Credit: WSB-TV Atlanta

Isabel Johnson, a Georgia Tech student and the leader of Buckhead for Black Lives, expressed her satisfaction with the removal of the flag.

She stated, “I’m glad that it’s a positive gesture in the right direction. It’s encouraging to see steps being taken to reform the restaurant and make it more inclusive for everyone.”

During a march through Buckhead on Sunday, Johnson and fellow demonstrators noticed a sign and tea party stand positioned in front of the restaurant. The sign bore the message: “Lives that matter are made with positive purpose.” However, it was later removed.

Photo Credit: WSB-TV Atlanta

Photo Credit: WSB-TV Atlanta

The flag has been a source of controversy for decades.

When questioned by Farmer about her decision to finally remove it, DeRose explained, “I have it up because it means a lot to me. It signifies the events of 1964 when women gained civil rights. I understand that many people disagree with this interpretation, and some have even threatened violence. So, I decided to take it down.”

Former state Senator Vincent Fort expressed dissatisfaction with the removal, stating, “This has been a deliberate attempt to offend black people and their allies. The calculated offensiveness displayed for so long cannot be overlooked.”

Photo Credit: WSB-TV Atlanta

Photo Credit: WSB-TV Atlanta

Regarding DeRose’s plan to auction the flag, Fort remarked, “We’ve been advocating for them to do the right thing, and I’m not convinced that simply taking down the symbol and donating the proceeds to the police is sufficient or the only action they should take.”

Johnson echoed similar sentiments, acknowledging the removal of the flag as a positive initial step. However, she emphasized the need for further reforms in how people are treated, stating, “I believe it’s a positive first gesture, but there’s much more work to be done in reforming how individuals are treated.”

Sources: WSB-TV / Photo Credit: WSB-TV Atlanta

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