Sean Hannity Gets “Caught In The Act” When He Thinks He’s On A Commercial Break

The veil of mystery surrounding Sean Hannity’s off-camera activities has been lifted, thanks to an unexpected moment caught on tape. The Fox News anchor was inadvertently filmed using a vaporizer during what he believed to be a commercial break. While vaporizers are commonly associated with tobacco use, they are also gaining popularity among marijuana enthusiasts, with vape cartridges readily available in states where cannabis sales are legal.

Hannity’s vaping faux pas occurred when the cameras unexpectedly returned from the commercial break. Caught off guard, he hastily concealed the vaporizer as someone on the set alerted him to the live broadcast’s resumption.

Despite efforts to downplay the incident, Hannity’s colleagues at Fox News haven’t let him live it down. Laura Ingraham, a fellow presenter, playfully ribbed him on air, jokingly referring to the incident as “cute.” She quipped, “Oh wait, am I on camera right now?” before taking a sip from her water bottle, adding, “It happens to the best of us, Hannity. Those little moments are part of your charm.”

The incident has sparked reactions on social media, with some highlighting the irony of Hannity’s known support for Trump juxtaposed with his unexpected vape use. Critics have labeled him a hypocrite, pointing out his previous statements against marijuana and his avowal never to try it, despite his openness to nicotine vaping.

Notably, Hannity was using a Juul, a brand associated with nicotine vaping, rather than traditional e-cigarettes used by tobacco smokers. This detail has prompted discussions online about the nuances of vaping habits and perceptions.

While Hannity has remained silent on the incident since it occurred, his past remarks about cannabis, including a tweet expressing openness to medical marijuana under specific circumstances, have resurfaced. However, he has not revisited the topic publicly since 2017.

The video capturing Hannity’s vaping moment has stirred controversy, with speculation about the substance he was inhaling, though it appears to be tobacco rather than marijuana. Nevertheless, the incident has prompted debate on social media, with many expressing outrage over Hannity’s actions being likened to those of cannabis users.

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