Goodwill Employee Exposes A Secret, And Now I’ll Never Shop There Again

Employees are sharing alarming accounts of poor working conditions at various companies, including Hobby Lobby and Chick-fil-A. One particularly concerning story comes from a former Goodwill employee, which has sparked significant discussion online.

The employee’s post, which was initially shared at the end of August 2020 and has since garnered over 81,000 upvotes on Reddit, raises serious concerns about hygiene and cleanliness at Goodwill stores. According to the employee, items sold at Goodwill are not cleaned before being placed on the shelves.

“At Goodwill, we don’t clean anything that we sell, and we get some really gross stuff that touches everything else,” the employee disclosed. “So next time you buy something from Goodwill, wash it well.”

This claim was corroborated by another former employee who stated, “I used to work at Goodwill, you are 200% correct.”

These revelations have left some shoppers feeling uneasy. One concerned customer commented, “Even before COVID, I’d always feel so gross after leaving there, I’d wash my hands immediately.”

While some readers expressed shock and disgust, others admitted that they were not entirely surprised by these allegations. Stories of finding unwashed or soiled items in thrift stores were shared, reinforcing the importance of washing clothes purchased from such establishments before wearing them.

However, not everyone agrees with the negative portrayal of Goodwill. A volunteer at a different Goodwill location claimed that extensive cleaning is carried out regularly at the store where she volunteered.

“I have a friend who volunteered at a Goodwill for a year. She said that she had never seen so much cleaning being done ever. Thanks to the elderly ladies that also volunteered there. Everything was squeaky clean at all times,” the volunteer stated.

So, what should consumers make of these conflicting accounts? Should Goodwill be expected to wash donated clothes before selling them? The debate continues, and it’s clear that opinions on the matter are divided. Whether you shop at Goodwill or any other thrift store, it’s always a good idea to wash second-hand clothing items before wearing them, just to be on the safe side.

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