If you have these cupboards above your fridge, you had better know what they’re used for

A well-organized home where everything is in its rightful place can greatly enhance focus and productivity. If you’re like me, it’s challenging to concentrate when surrounded by clutter or when items aren’t where they belong.

Admittedly, I didn’t always prioritize organization. Growing up, my home always looked impeccable, thanks to my mother’s meticulous habits. She imparted numerous organizational tips, including innovative ways to maximize the use of those small cabinets often located above refrigerators. Curious about how to make the most of these spaces? Read on for some clever ideas.

At first glance, the cabinets above the refrigerator might seem impractical and too small to be of much use. They’re not ideal for storing everyday items like plates or cups due to their height.

So, how can we utilize these cabinets effectively?

If you’re wondering how to best utilize these cabinets, here are some creative suggestions:

  1. Storage for Infrequently Used Kitchen Gadgets: While these cabinets may not be suitable for daily use items, they are perfect for storing appliances you use occasionally, such as food processors, blenders, or waffle makers.
  2. Canned Products and Baking Essentials: These cabinets are great for storing canned goods and baking essentials that have long shelf lives. It’s okay if you forget about them for a while, as they will remain preserved.
  3. Cookbooks: Utilize the top compartment of these cabinets to neatly store cookbooks that you don’t want cluttering your kitchen counters.
  4. Pantry Items and Spices: Similar to canned foods, pantry items and spices can be stored in these cabinets, or you could install a small spice rack to keep your cooking spices organized and accessible.
  5. Kitchen Towels: Bulk-purchased household items like kitchen towels can be neatly stored in these cabinets.
  6. Fine China: Reserve these cabinets for special occasion dishes or cutlery sets to keep them safe and out of reach from children.

Safety Tips:

  • Be Cautious When Opening and Closing Cabinets: Ensure that the items stored are not too heavy to safely retrieve.
  • Use a Sturdy Stool or Step Ladder: Always use a secure stool or step ladder to access items stored in these high cabinets.
  • Consider Heat Emission: Keep in mind that the heat emitted by the refrigerator below may not be suitable for storing certain products.

Do you have any unique ways you use these cabinets in your home? Share your ideas in the comments below!

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