Nicole Kidman, 56, called ‘desperate’ for revealing clothing choices

Like anyone else, celebrities face their share of negative feedback and online trolling, and Nicole Kidman is no exception.

Over recent years, the 56-year-old actress has faced considerable criticism over her fashion choices, with some suggesting her outfits are too youthful for her age.

However, the star of “Moulin Rouge!” has come up with a flawless comeback to the critics. Keep reading to discover her response!

At the New York premiere of her latest mini-TV series, “Expats,” Nicole Kidman captured attention in an unforgettable outfit.

She chose a classic black satin gown from Atelier Versace for the occasion. The dress featured a daring backless and sideless design, which she complemented with elegant black stilettos, sparkling diamond earrings, and bracelets.

Credit: Nina Westervelt / Variety / Getty.

Despite the criticism that comes her way, Nicole Kidman stays remarkably unaffected.

She has openly addressed the negative reactions to her fashion decisions in the past, including a micro skirt she wore for a Vanity Fair cover. Kidman confidently stated, “It was fun. I own it. I take responsibility. Nobody else chose it,” demonstrating her autonomy and embrace of her personal style choices.

Nicole Kidman’s response indeed demonstrates her resilience and determination to remain unaffected by external criticism. Her comments to People show a person who prioritizes her own freedom and joy in making choices, whether they pertain to her roles or her wardrobe. Kidman’s attitude toward taking responsibility for her choices and acknowledging that they’re purely her own underscores a strong sense of self-agency and confidence.

By dismissing the unwarranted negativity with a focus on personal fulfillment and accountability, she sets a powerful example of self-assurance in the public eye. It’s an attitude that invites respect and admiration, turning the conversation from what others think to what she values. This response, where she essentially shrugs off the criticism and focuses on her own agency, is likely to resonate with many who admire her willingness to be true to herself. It’s a commendable stance, suggesting that personal satisfaction and self-expression trump public opinion, a reminder of the importance of staying true to oneself amidst the noise.

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