Lisa Rinna, 60, recently switched up her signature hairstyle and everyone is saying the same thing

Sometimes you just want to switch things up a little after rocking a signature style for too long. There is nothing wrong with that.

For many years, Lisa Rinna has sported a hairstyle known as the “mixie,” which is shorter in the front and longer in the rear like a pixie cut. However, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills actress just unveiled a striking new appearance.

The former reality star debuted her new appearance in the digital issue of Only Natural Diamonds for spring/summer 2024.

Throughout the photo shoot, the 60-year-old wore a variety of haircuts, but this one was the center of attention for most of the audience.

“As an actor, I enjoy taking on roles. After eight years on a reality show, I started to experiment with fashion and wear wigs, which led to doing regular photo shoots, Rinna said Only Natural Diamonds.

“I’m at ease stepping outside of my comfort zone. It’s fantastic if it shocks folks. I enjoy shocking people. I enjoy making people say things like, “Oh my God, look what she did now.”

And Rinna’s new appearance undoubtedly stunned her fans.

She has a Madonna-like desperation for attention. It is awkward.

“You’re not getting anything from that hair! It appears to be painted on.

“You don’t look great at all! Apologies!

Did you also require a hair assistance for this? Really, what’s wrong with you?

How do you feel about Lisa Rinna’s recent buzzcut? Should she stick with her mixie or adopt this as her new hallmark look?

Tell us in the comments below!


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