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“Amazing Grace” performed by 200 bagpipes brings audience to tears

Music can conjure many different emotions, and this performance of “Amazing Grace” is no exception. Watching this video can restore hope and help people see the light that does exist in this world. The scene starts with a single singer standing among over 200 bagpipe players. The moments of silence slowly turn into his solo [...]

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Here’s What The Letter “M” On The Palm Of Your Hand Really Means

The length and form of our fingernails, among other things, all reveal something about who we are, but the lines on our palms are the most significant (at least in the context of palmistry). It’s known as palm reading, and a great deal can be revealed by those little lines. The Life line, the Head [...]

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A new symbol is showing up on some parking spaces!

A new symbol has been placed on some parking places in Pembroke, Ontario. The handshake symbol-designated spaces outside the Pembroke OPP station at 77 International Dr. are intended to function as community safety zones for online transactions. The Upper Ottawa Valley OPP states that there are places you may utilize to ensure everyone’s safety if [...]

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