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The moment the girl raised her hands in the air, a great thing happened. 14 dogs surrounded her.

Dogs and humans have had a special bond since prehistoric times, which is mostly due to their startling neurological similarities. Over 30,000 years of research have been devoted to this unique relationship between humans and dogs, and over that time, numerous commonalities in the two species’ brains have been discovered. For example, there are similarities [...]

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“Guests Are Stunned, The Groom’s Mom Is Enjoying Her Time”: The Video That Definitely Worth Watching!

Many people have been tremendously moved by the groom’s personal decision to dance with his mother at his wedding. Their dance beautifully captured their unique bond as it was performed with sincere enthusiasm.   The honesty of their connection and the positivity they shared were evident despite their imperfect dancing routines. Their unwavering love and [...]

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Pregnant mom takes amazing picture — but look who shows up to the right

A wonderful approach for soon-to-be parents to capture the happiness and excitement of beginning a new family is to take pictures of the expectant mother’s baby bump and record the pregnancy. The couple will always be able to look back on their pregnancy photos and reminisce about the moments leading up to the birth of [...]

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