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Bury a banana in the ground – it’s amazing what happens after 7 days

Even the most neglected vegetable gardens or plants can be given new life by the natural fertilizer that bananas provide for the soil. Why put a banana in the ground? Spring brings with it a great deal more garden maintenance than is required throughout the winter. After all, even during the winter, you must continue [...]

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The cow began to lose milk, and the farmer noticed that she was leaving in the evening for the forest. He decided to follow

Steve, a farmer from Scotland, kept a small herd of dairy cows. The man saw one day that Lila, who was normally the one who gave the most milk, was completely out of milk. After receiving assurances from the veterinarian that the animal was healthy, the farmer chose to examine the cow more closely in [...]

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Suri Cruise, The Daughter Of Katie And Tom Cruise Silently Changed Her Name

Now that she is eighteen, Suri Cruise has a lot of options, one of which is to discreetly alter her name. One person who is able to legally talk about her father’s divorce from her is Katie Holmes, the famous couple’s daughter. By changing her name, Suri Cruise, the daughter of Katie Holmes and Tom [...]

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