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Woman Offended By Coffee Shop’s Police Sign Is Shocked By Company’s Response

Brandi Nicole Wilson enjoys her coffee. But after stepping inside of a Jackson, Missouri coffee house, she was shocked to see a sign. She took to social media to complain about the sign, which declared the shop’s support for the men and women in blue, by writing a complaint on the Ground-A-Bout coffee shop’s Facebook page. The sign that appalled …

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Owner Takes Down ‘Offensive’ Flag Inside Restaurant Amid Controversy

Susan DeRose, the proprietor of OK Café in Buckhead, made a significant decision to take down a banner and flag that had been displayed at her restaurant for years. As the Georgia flag was removed on Friday, witnesses present at the scene expressed their approval with applause. Despite being deemed “offensive” by some over the years, the banner and flag …

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Mother Blasted Online After Sharing Photo Of Her Newborn’s Hands

An image circulating on social media featuring a newborn with notably long and pointed nails has stirred up concerns online, prompting discussions regarding the potential risks associated with such nail enhancements. Photo Credit: Nelliamo Maphanga – Koeberger/Facebook   Originally shared on Facebook, the photo quickly garnered attention as users expressed apprehension over the sharp nails adorning the infant’s delicate fingers. The …

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