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A Cowboy And An Atheist Pass The Time Talking About God

It is always interesting when you strike up a conversation with somebody you’ve never met before. It doesn’t happen often but when it does, there is typically something to learn. Of course, it helps if you are properly matched with the other person you are speaking with. That wasn’t the case when a cowboy and [...]

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Coach Goes Viral Online For This One Act During Kids’ Basketball Game.

Educators play a crucial role in our society, yet they often do not receive the recognition they deserve. It requires a unique individual to commit to teaching, guiding, and inspiring the youth.Teachers often go above and beyond to help others, especially the children they care for. Jonathan Oliver, a phys ed teacher at WG Nunn [...]

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This Clever License

A license plate in Perth has gone viral for its clever disguise, causing a social media sensation. The plate, spotted on a Kia Sportage in a shopping center, reads “370HSSV.” When flipped upside down, it reveals the word ‘ahe.’ Shared by Jeffrey on The Bell Tower Times 2.0 Facebook page, the post quickly gained traction. [...]

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