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The Woman With The World’s Biggest Backside Thinks She Knows Why Men Won’t Date Her

For years, 29-year-old Natasha Crown has been on a mission to have the biggest backside in the world. As a Swedish glamor model, she has undergone numerous plastic surgeries to achieve her goal. However, despite her popularity and success, Crown recently revealed that her extreme body modifications have scared men off, leaving her single for the past seven years. In …

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Woman Who Live-Streamed Herself Looting Breaks Down In Tears After Police Arrive

In a shocking turn of events, Dayjia Blackwell, the young woman who recently live-streamed a mob-style looting spree in Philadelphia, experienced a complete emotional transformation when faced with the consequences of her actions. Blackwell, who had encouraged others to join her in the brazen act, broke down in tears during her mugshot, revealing a stark contrast between her carefree joy …

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Actor Walks Off The Set Of ‘The View’, Leaves Audience Stunned

Dermot Mulroney recently made a bold statement in support of striking writers, showcasing his commitment on a recent episode of “The View.” During the segment that aired on Friday, Mulroney surprised viewers and the hosts alike by symbolically walking off the set as a gesture of solidarity with the ongoing writers’ strike. His decision to walk off was explained toward …

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